You can do many different things in Club Penguin. These guides will help you do these things and become a ninja, an agent, and more.

Elite Penguin Force Agent


Want to become an EPF agent? Head over to the Everyday Phoning Facility and waddle to the phone booth next to the main desk. The Director will talk to you and ask you if you’d like to protect the island. If you accept the challenge click the “Yes” button. The Director will then welcome you to the agency and give you a spy phone – your most important tool – to receive your orders. Congratulations! You are now an Elite Penguin Force Agent.

Tour Guide


To become a tour guide you must be 45 days old and take a quiz. Go to the Ski Village, click on the Tour Guide booth and answer the following questions.

Q) Which color of puffle can catch on fire? A) Black

Q) What item is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of Bean Counter? A) A flower pot

Q) How do you get a pin? A) Click on it

Q) What is the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing? A) Mullet

Q) Which room has a Cuckoo clock? A) Ski Lodge

Q) How does the pink puffle play? A) Skips with a skipping rope

Q) How many Sled Racing tracks are there? A) 4

Q) What item is always hidden in the Clothing Catalog every month? A) The Viking Helmet

Q) In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times? A) Boiler Room

Q) Which of these rooms doesn’t have music in the backround? A) Pet Shop Q)

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card backround? A) 60

Q) What is the name of Captain Rockhoppers ship? A) The Migrator

Q) Which of these games has a shark in it? A) Jetpack Adventure

Q) Which of the rooms does NOT have a game in it? A) Beach

Q) What day does the news paper come out? A) Thursday

Puffle Pro

To become a puffle expert head over to the Puffle Hotel and complete all 4 tasks with your puffle. Once you’ve completed all 4 tasks you’ll complete your Puffle Expert outfit and receive bonus coins + if you’re a member, the chance to adopt a rainbow puffle. Congratulations! You’re now a puffle expert.



To become a ninja head over to the Dojo Courtyard. Sensei will talk to you and give you a Snow Starter Deck and an amulet to get started. Waddle inside the Dojo and talk to Sensei. He’ll explain to you how Card-Jitsu works.

You’re now ready to battle! Each time you win a match you’ll receive points to progress and collect your next belt. There are 9 different belts. To collect each belt you must win the following amount of times:


White belt – 5 wins

Yellow belt – 10 wins

Orange belt – 20 wins

Green belt – 30 wins

Blue belt – 40 wins

Red belt – 50 wins

Purple belt – 60 wins

Brown belt – 75 wins

Black belt – 90 wins

Once you’ve earned the black belt talk to the Sensei to challenge him. One thing is for sure: you won’t beat Sensei the first time. Keep trying and don’t get discouraged. It usually takes 8-10 times to beat him. Once you’ve beaten Sensei you’ll receive the mark of a Card-Jitsu master, a ninja mask.


Congratulations! You’re now a ninja. However, your next adventure awaits…

Fire Ninja

Water Ninja

Snow Ninja


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