Club Penguin Dojo is Now Closed

There’s been a lot of rumors going around in the last few days. A lot of tweets have been spread out, as well. As a result, I am here to put a rest to the rumors and explain what really is going on. This could be a long post, so read on!

Here’s a condensed version of the story of the last few days, which is still pretty long: If you heard that I am quitting Twitter, you are pretty spot on. Allow me to explain. As you know, I have recently tweeted a lot about my crush, even photos of her! And, foolishly enough, followed many of my classmates from school. I also favorited one of my science teacher’s tweets about class, causing him to look at my account, follow, and later block me. I later discovered that the reason he did that was because he thought I tweeted and was online too much. I now see that he was right. Anyways, all of my classmates, teachers, and school administration were on a big field trip to Washington DC this past week. I took it as the opportunity to tell everyone about my crush, and how I wanted her to be my girlfriend. Little did I know that students were allowed to bring their iPads and phones on the trip. Because of this, my principal found out and thought that I was “stalking” my crush and my teacher. Now, anyone who knows me personally would not think of me as a stalker. But, I guess excessively tweeting about somebody qualifies as stalking. I’ll never let my school and Club Penguin lives mix ever again. So, they called my parents at home. Now, my parents didn’t even know I had Twitter, so imagine their surprise and anger when they were faced with all of this so suddenly. Now, they are forcing me to quit and deactivate my Twitter account, and not be on the computer for months (even now, I’m sneaking on to post this). I know it’s for the good of me, but I still don’t like it.

What you are all probably wondering is what will happen next. I’ve mentioned that I have no clue when my parents will deactivate my Twitter account. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week. Let’s just spend the time we have left together reminiscing and hoping that my parents will go back on their decision. They most likely won’t. However, I could get them to keep my account, but change the password… to preserve the memories, you know? In the last few days, I’ve been carefully thinking over the situation. Should I really quit Club Penguin? I’ve found the game really boring in the last couple of months. And, on the other hand, I can go back to playing the game in a few months once my punishment of no computer is over. Still, I can no longer host huge parties, promote #LEGOCP successfully, or be a vital part of the community involved in social media. My parents are completely against that, you see, as that is the reason I had to sneak to have an account. I have decided it would be best if I played Club Penguin less often. You could still see me playing on a server at any given time, but it will be part of the minority of things I like to do. I will dedicate plenty of time to being active in real life endeavors, and doing better in school. I begin high school next year and would really like to shine there.

Now, #LEGOCP will be continuing. I can still work on it actively and even have tons of things planned for it in the summer months. However, it is up to YOU all to promote the project actively on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere to gain the 10,000 supporters needed for review. Dj Stores will still look over the @LEGOCP Twitter account, and so will I, given the fact that my parents have not discovered that yet. Nobody will be taking it over, and if you ask to be the project owner, I will become very angry with you. So yes, it will continue. This blog you are browsing right now, however, will not. If I can’t reach a large audience via social media, what is the point? I also want to clear up that I will not hire any authors to manage this blog while I am gone. All of the Club Penguin updates posts for the week of May 15, 2014 were the last real posts on the blog (other than this one). I was planning to do a lot of things with this blog, such as move to Weebly, update pages, and more. Now, there’s really no point. I am sorry to everyone who is disappointed with this news. Eventually, I may come back, but now is not the time.

I was also planning a really awesome project called Club Penguin Fanon Nation, which will never see the light of day. Club Penguin Fanon Nation was to be a collaborative community blog, showcasing talent from all over the online Club Penguin community, such as drawings/customs, videos, comics/memes, fanfiction stories, and more. Perhaps if I ever returned, I could launch it, which was being worked on since last month (April). I kept postponing the release date. Now, it’s a good thing I never released the site.

I’ll miss blogging with a passion, and delivering the daily news from the island. I’d like to thank many people who inspired me, listed here: Trainman1405, Monchocho, Watex, Cena12121, Mimo777, Ferdthebird, Icey Jot Pop, Dr Flopper Saraapril. Ever since starting my first blog, Club Penguin Central, in early 2013, and subsequently deleting it, I never knew I would get this far. The future is bright… and I ain’t talking about the meteors Protobot is currently launching at us.

You’ll definitely find me waddling around Club Penguin occasionally, the Club Penguin Wiki editing, and the #LEGOCP project. But just remember… this isn’t the end. *Terminator voice* I’ll be back.

For the possibly very last time… ninja on!


5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Dojo is Now Closed

  1. greengirl816

    oh my gosh… I saw all the drama online… i feel so bad! if u need any help with anything blog related, u can contact me. So, so sorry to see you leave! 😥

  2. Kevin

    Nice post. I feel bad for everything that you have been going though lately. You meant well. #LEGOCP sounds like a great idea and I will start to support it. Farewell for now.


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