Twitter Tidbits: Rsnail Developing New Game, Club Penguin Making App (Again), and More

Quite a few new pieces of information going around the Twitter Club Penguin community!

For starters, at this past Field Friday, Polo Field said that the team is currently working on a brand new app for mobile devices. And it’s not just the Club Penguin app for Android. This will be another one for an entirely new purpose. For what, I don’t know. Shouldn’t they just update the app they have right now? Whatever. Spike Hike also tweeted about it.

In other news, Lance Priebe aka rsnail, whom you may know as one of the founders and former owners of Club Penguin (Lane Merrifield and Dave Krysko were the other two), is at it again. After successfully launching the tactical strategy game Mech Mice with his team at Hyper Hippo, Lance is creating a brand new virtual world. This is promised to be even better and more different than Club Penguin, a “next generation game”, if you will. More will be revealed in June.

Lance also has some news for Mech Mice fans.

Lane Merrifield, one of the other founders of Club Penguin, who left his job at the game back in February of last year, is back! Kind of.

Polo Field is busy teasing up the the Future Party, which starts next week.

Ninja on!


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