Puffle Party 2014 Cheats

Attention grasshoppers! The Puffle Party 2014 has begun, and with that has dog barks, cat meows, and a puffle extravaganza! Here are all the cheats you need to waddle around the big event.

PP2014 banner

Check out the map for the event! Beautiful artwork. The team definitely tried here.

MAP PP2014

Once you log in, meet Puffle Handler at the Plaza. She will talk to you about the party and what to do.

image image

To prepare for the Puffle Gala at The Stage on April 24, visit a different area on the island each day to pick up two new items: one for members, and one for non-members.



Gala April 24

Tranform into any of your puffles via the interface.


In celebration of the Easter holiday (which I including many others celebrate), Club Penguin has added a new pair of Bunny Ears *Anna voice* for the first time in forever! These are the Lavender Bunny Ears, and you can pick them up at the Beach. Cool!


There are special emoticons at the party that you can use: a bone, ball of yarn, and Puffle O.


You can check out many different igloos via the Tree House Igloo list. Want to be added? Buy the new igloo from this month’s catalog. Also check out the interactions you can do with your puffles around the island! The Forest was also decorated for Earth Day. And on a related note, puffles have been added to the Club Penguin app, which is now available for iPod Touch and iPhone! You can adopt, walk and care for their 3D sprites, and visit brand new rooms: Plaza, Puffle Hotel Lobby, Puffle Hotel Spa/Gym, Puffle Hotel Roof, Puffle Park, and Pet Shop.

Puffle Handler is making appearances as a mascot. There are also meetup times for her. You can also finally adopt Orange Tabby Cat and Blue Border Collie puffles. Puffle Tricks and the new Puffle Park room have also arrived. The Puffle Handbook and catalog at the Pet Shop have both been updated. You can find cheats for all of these topics in recent posts of mine.

That’s pretty much it! Please comment with any questions you may have, and tell me how you like it! I love to help all of my penguin friends. Personally, I think this party rocks! I just miss the inclusion of the puffle domains, the Puffle Show, Puffle Feeding Room, Night Club Rooftop, and Puffle Play Zone.

Ninja on!


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