Adopt Dog and Cat Puffles Now! (Plus Puffle Handbook and Catalog Updates)

The big day is arrived! After being heavily teased and advertised for about a month or so, the Orange Tabby Cat and Blue Border Collie can now be purchased at the Pet Shop for 800 coins – twice the price of regular colored puffles! These wily puffles stowed away on Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator, and have arrived on the island. Just waddle on over to the pet house.



After naming the puffles, you will receive their adoption certificates and do all the regular puffle activities with them. I named my Orange Tabby Cat after my real life pet…




Can you guess why I named my Blue Border Collie the way I did?




Check out the Puffle Handbook pages for these new creatures.

Cat Puffle Handbook

Dog Puffle Handbook

Also, the Puffle Catalog was updated with some new food and brand new hats.

New Food

New hats

Ninja on!


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