EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Coming to Disney Channel Late 2014

Hey penguins! I’ve got some pretty amazing news that I want to share with you all! I just received word a bit ago, but I’m finally able to post about it now! As you know, since 2011, Club Penguin has tried their best to delve into the world of cartoon animation. They started out with regular random videos on their YouTube channel, and then, animated shorts began to appear, with a new animation style and even penguin voices! Even more recently, songs have popped up. And finally, we have two brand new weekly shows, #WaddleOn and The Spoiler Alert.

When it was announced last week that #WaddleOn would merge with the latter, the decision was met with a bit of criticism. However, Spike Hike calmed us, saying that Painterbird and his team were on it to create a whole new project to come to screens soon! You can check out that tweet below.

Very soon after, my friend and fellow blogger Powder Ball posted about a penguin (who was recently followed by Spike himself) who had received a DM from Spike, saying that a Club Penguin feature film could in fact happen. Many thanks to Powder Ball for the image.


Today, it has basically been confirmed that after many years of waiting, penguins might get to see their favorite virtual world on television. Here’s what Spike Hike said to me when I asked him about the matter.


So a Club Penguin one-off special will come sometime in the summer or fall. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Club Penguin has partnered with Disney Channel twice before, for Shake It Up and Teen Beach Movie events. They have finally seen the potential to make such a special and are not letting us down! I cannot wait to see what the team has been working on. And who knows? Maybe with enough positive reviews, we could see a full TV series, or a full blown movie! All that is left to do now is wait for more info.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this. Ninja on!

UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS! Yes, this was all just one big joke. Planned by me, and later, Trainman1405 and Monchocho tagged along to help me get you all to believe it was real! Did you? Nonetheless, it was very fun trying to not act suspicious. I used a fake DM generator to create Spike Hike’s message. However, we still have whatever the team is working on for a video project to look forward to!


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