Muppets World Tour Cheats

Attention grasshoppers! The Muppets World Tour has begun, and with that has music, international acts, and doppelganger frogs! Here are all the cheats you need to waddle around the big event.


Check out the map for the event! Beautiful artwork. The team definitely tried here.


Once you log in, meet Kermit at the Plaza. He will talk to you about the tour and what to do.

Head to the Museum, which is located at the Town. Collect all the jewels, and the sinister Russian frog, Constantine, will greet you. Claim his background!



Now, here is the action really begins. Each day a task is unlocked, visit a different country themed area of the island via the Muppet Passport.


Claim your item to perform an act with one of the many Muppets scattered throughout the island. For starters, go to Germany at the Forest to pie throw with Fozzie Bear!



If that isn’t enough, check out the party catalog full of Muppet costumes, located inside the Muppet Passport’s second page. From Miss Piggy, to Gonzo, to Sam the Eagle, there is something for everyone!


There is also an airport party room! Don’t forget to check out the igloo flights list.

There are special emoticons at the party that you can use. There are many Muppety versions of official emotes!


Kermit is making a special guest appearance as a mascot. You can find meetup times for him in a recent post of mine.

That’s pretty much it! Please comment with any questions you may have, and tell me how you like it! I love to help all of my penguin friends. Personally, I think this party is absolutely stunning! It is is my favorite party of the year so far, and might even be my favorite takeover.

Ninja on!


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