Club Penguin App Version 1.4 Features Revealed

A TON of stuff is on the way for penguins on iOS devices! Spike Hike has recently confirmed on Twitter that the team has finished up the iPhone and iPod Touch version of My Penguin (yes, I still call it that). The app will take 2-3 weeks to be reviewed by Apple and should be available in April as part of the upcoming update I am about to spoil. However, the Android version will take another few months, as the coding is completely different on those devices.



Credit to Trainman1405 at Club Penguin Memories for the above image.

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Cat and dog puffles are coming to the island! The cat was recently teased in the Muppets World Tour trailer video. Did you spot it?  Anyway, I do not know when these species will make their way to the online version of the game, though if I had to guess I’d say the Puffle Party 2014 next month. Check out the descriptions for these two new pets below.

The Cat Puffle, or “Orange Tabby Cat”:
-Emotion: Curious, Demanding
-Snack of choice: Socks
-Details: Loves to hide in tiny spaces
The Dog Puffle, or “Blue Border Collie”:
-Emotion: Loyal, Mischievous
-Snack of choice: Pretzels
-Details: Loves chasing cat puffles


There are two new minigames in this update: Aqua Grabber and Mancala. New rooms include the Plaza, the Puffle Hotel (Lobby, Spa, Roof), Pet Shop, and a special new room called the Puffle Park, located behind the Plaza. This room is likely to be added to the online game in the future. I can also predict that the Book Room will come as well, as that is the location of the Mancala game.

Puffles will also be available in this update. 10 will be located in your igloo just like the web version. There is also the Igloo Backyard, where you will be able to keep up to 40 puffles. I am unsure if you will be able to obtain rainbow and gold puffles through the app, but it seems unlikely at this time.

Are you looking forward to version 1.4? Leave a comment and let me know. I love to hear from my penguin friends.

Ninja on!


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