Muppets World Tour Final Sneak Peeks

This post is for all of the final room and costume sneak peeks before the Muppets World Tour hits on March 20.

Club Penguin’s official Twitter account has shown us a brand new image that shows part of one of the rooms at the upcoming Muppets World Tour! This room is actually the Beach, decorated as France (Paris, specifically). You can see the Lighthouse made to look like a Parisian cafe, with croissants and coffee! Looks like a delicious place to eat. You can also see part of the famous Eiffel Tower. I bet Swedish Chef would enjoy this place very much…


A new double length #WaddleOn episode will come on Wednesday, starring the Muppets! There was no #WaddleOn episode this week. The two sneak peeks we were shown of the episode spoils parts of the party!



An airport was teased on Polo Field’s Twitter header! This looks so cool. I wonder what room it will be located in?


Kermit will be a mascot! Here he is with Aunt Arctic.


Rookie sure loves to rock out with Animal… using a rake.


I am NOT posting the major room reveals from The Mirror, as not to spoil it for everyone.

What do you think? Personally, I cannot wait! This might become a fan favorite. Stay tuned for more news about the party, including cheats and meetup times!

Ninja on!


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