The Fair 2014 Cheats

Attention grasshoppers! The Fair 2014 has begun, and with that has arrived ticket collecting, arcade fun, and Rookie mess ups! Here are all the cheats you need to waddle around the big event.


Check out the map for the event! Sadly, the main parts of the island aren’t decorated, leaving only the Amazement Park.


Once you log in, Rookie will talk to you. Then, head to the Amazement Park from the Dock to start the FUN!


Check out the three rides and all of the different games at the three areas: Pirate Park, Tumbleweed Town, and Galaxy Park! There is a lot to explore.


Spin the Wheel for prizes of all kinds: Hint: Non-members with a silver ticket can access members-only rides! Spend the tickets you earn across the park for cool prizes!



The Penguin Band is performing at the the first room. Haven’t seen them since 2012!


Finally, there are three special emoticons at the party that you can use.


That’s pretty much it! Please comment with any questions you may have, and tell me how you like it compared to last year! I love to help all of my penguin friends. Personally, I think this party is great! The Amazement Park is cool, but I just wish more of the island was decorated.

Ninja on!


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