Review: The LEGO Movie 70807 MetalBeard’s Duel

It’s been one month, plus a few days since I reviewed the Cloud Cuckoo Palace, the second of the three sets from the theme based on The LEGO Movie that I had purchased. During this period of time, I have been working on this review, plus working on #LEGOCP, so I’ve been busy. I also have more reviews in the pipeline, so I wanted this done as soon as possible, especially with the film releasing in merely two days. Anyway, enough apologizing. Here’s my review of 70807 MetalBeard’s Duel!


This box has a lot going on. It has the biggest Micro Manager in the entire theme, getting ripped at by the fearsome pirate mech steampunk thing they call MetalBeard. At the bottom, Frank the Foreman is helplessly running away, while Skeletron is getting shot down. Here we see the number of pieces, the set number, and the note that this is a construction toy. Not again…


On the back, the Robo SWAT is running in a random direction. MetalBeard closes in on the Micro Manager as it kills threatens Frank with its mighty claws. Above, Skeletron is being blown to bricks.


The contents of the box have pretty dark colored parts, such as orange, silver, brown, and more. You also get some great pirate themed pieces, like a shark, a ship wheel, and more. It has a great selection, considering MetalBeard built himself from random parts after his old body was lost during his previous encounter with Lord Business.


Here is a random instruction page. You can get a taste at the construction of MetalBeard’s body. Let’s build!

Here we have the minifigures, three which come together very quickly. The Robo SWAT is one of them, who has a cool, old helmet with a visor, and one of those rifles that is also in the Getaway Glider I reviewed earlier. Another is Frank the Foreman, who is apparently Emmet’s boss on the construction site. The torso should prove useful, as should the common hard hat. The final minifigure is Skeletron, who reminds me much of the Terminator (“I’ll be back!”) The body is the old skeleton one in grey, and he has a new printed robot head. He might just be my favorite minifigure in the whole set.


The first main part of the set you build is the Micro Manager. It is black in color, with a cube for a head and red studs for eyes, similar to the rest of the Micro Managers. It also has legs and arms. I would compare it to an AT-ST from Star Wars, with the bird like angle of the legs and all. What is really cool is the fact that you can fit the Robo SWAT in to pilot it by opening the roof at the top. The arms are posable and you can easily slide poor Frank into the claws to look like he is being captured.


The final part of the set you build is the titular character, MetalBeard. He is one of the Master Builders and one of the main characters in the movie, who was defeated in a battle with Lord Business years ago and lost his limbs, this having to build a robot body for himself out of old ship scraps. The build is all over the place due to his backstory, with a shark for an arm, anchor behind his leg, robotic parrot decked on his shoulder and more. He even has a treasure chest on his abdomen that holds his bones and organs! The beard is also a really cool piece. It comes in metallic silver, and is very obscure in shape, so good luck finding another use for it. The sword on his back can also be put in his hand, although it gets tedious to keep it there without it falling out. MetalBeard has many points of articulation, so playing with him is endless fun. He could fit into any battle scene easily, so feel free to combine him with your classic LEGO pirate sets!


The end result is a great buy that has everything you need to reenact a battle based on the film. However, I do not know how accurate this is to the movie. We’ll find out tomorrow, I guess? It will set you back $35, where with that money you can get one of the 2 in 1 builds. This is the only set that includes MetalBeard at the moment, and his only other appearance will be in the upcoming Sea Cow, which will go on sale for over 200 bucks. That being said, I really suggest this set if you want the movie accurate MetalBeard, as the one in the Sea Cow is a smaller version. Just my two cents.

Thank you very much for tuning in. Next up in review is the accessory pack, obtainable by building something creative at a local LEGO Brand Store this month. And after that, collectible minifigs!

Ninja on!


One thought on “Review: The LEGO Movie 70807 MetalBeard’s Duel

  1. Chillin43

    Great review – I can’t wait for the rest.

    Having seen the movie, I can say that what is depicted in this set is seen for literally mere seconds. This can be said about a lot of the sets, particularly the two-in-one selection.

    Additionally, I must confess I laughed out loud when I read “at a local LEGO Store.” Is ten hours driving distance local? 😉

    Keep up the good work!


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