#LEGOCP Update and 1,000 Views Party

Hello penguins! This week is going to be THE BEST WEEK EVER! I’ve got a ton of stuff planned. Want to know why?

First of all, the first anniversary of the LEGO Club Penguin project on LEGO CUUSOO is Friday, January 31! While I started the idea back in October 2012, the original project was deleted in less than a month, so this is a huge milestone! At almost 600 supporters who want #LEGOCP, we really brought the community together, have we? I even got a Spike Hike follow on Twitter! As a celebration of this, we are releasing the all-new #LEGOCP website! You can it now before it officially goes live on January 31. Just log on to lego-cp.weebly.com and let us know what you think and what needs improvement in the comments below. You’ll get a special prize for participating and will receive recognition in the project description. Don’t know anything about the projects? You’ll find the info there!

Also if you haven’t noticed, Club Penguin Dojo has more than 1,000 views! I say this calls for a party. Details below…

Date: Saturday, February 1, 2014

Server: Sleet

Room: Dojo Courtyard

Time: 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST)

And for those waiting for more The LEGO Movie set reviews, don’t worry. I’ll have them later this week.

Are you excited for everything to come this week? I sure am!

Ninja on!

UPDATE: The party is now over. Thanks for attending! Check out pictures and an anniversary speech on the #LEGOCP blog.


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