Elemental Interviews: Chillin43

Continuing my efforts to make this more than just a Club Penguin cheats website, I am starting to do interviews! Stay tuned to this blog… I could be interviewing you next! This week, I have interviewed Chillin43. Enjoy!


Me: How did you find out about Club Penguin, and what inspired you to join?

Him: My cousin introduced me to CP in what was, ironically, his final login to the site. While it may sound soppy, I instantly fell in love with it and have never left. I always kick myself because I could have joined back in December 2007 when I first heard about it. Instead, I joined in July 2008.

Me: Who is your favorite mascot and moderator?

Him: As my icon may imply, Gary is my favorite mascot. I’ve always liked his look and think his personality is really well done – he can be serious and very nice. This may seem like a cop-out, but I honestly like each moderator equally. I feel like they are all very nice people who have a passion for their job.

Me: Why did you start Club Penguin Perspective, and how did it change how you looked at Club Penguin?

Him: For years, I had been searching the web for a site like it. After finding only a few, I decided to make my own blog. I think the site has changed the way I think about Club Penguin as a whole; it’s not just a children’s game – there’s a lot to talk about.

That’s all for today! Thanks to Chillin for the interview. Check back next week for another episode of Elemental Interviews!

Ninja on!


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