Prehistoric Party 2014 Cheats

Attention grasshoppers! Prehistoric Party 2014 has begun, and with that has arrived dino digging, time traveling, and new puffle pals! Here are all the cheats you need to waddle around the big event.


Check out the map for the event! There’s a prehistoric version, too!




Once you log in, head to the Snow Forts and enter the Time Trekker to begin your mission.



Once you are plunged into the Mesozoic Era, look for dino dig stations around the prehistoric island and at “digloos”.


Play the game to get eggs to transform into Velociraptors, Stegosaurus, T-Rexes, Pteronodons, and Triceratops. Once you have gotten all eggs of a certain dino, you can obtain a free item. If you are a member, once you’ve found a  rare dino puffle egg (purple, blue, yellow, black, red, pink), take them to the volcano and put them on a hotspot to watch them hatch and to adopt them!


When you adopt a dino puffle, you can name them and put them in your backyard. They have special dances and can dig exclusive items. More will become available as the party progresses!


Gary the Gadget Guy is visiting for the party, and I have posted meetup times, which you can find in a recent post of mine. 

Finally, there are SIX special emoticons at the party that you can use. Ugg ugg!


That’s pretty much it! Please comment with any questions you may have, and tell me how you like it compared to last year! I love to help all of my penguin friends. Personally, I think this party is great! I am so happy the team decided to return it, but I wish dinosaur puffles were permanent.

Ooga booga, and ninja on!


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