Discussion: Club Penguin in the Real World

Hello again, ninja penguins and… others. I think it is about time I made this blog a little more fun! Sure, I’ve done LEGO reviews, but I know that the real reason you come here is for Club Penguin content, so here it is! As you may recall, Trainman1405 usually does discussion posts on his blog Club Penguin Memories, in which he discusses many different parts of the game and then asks for your opinion on them. Well, think of this as a discussion post!

The Story

Club Penguin has always had a huge presence in real life, but is it too little nowadays? Way back in the day, Club Penguin only did a small amount of advertising, as they had no external funding. New Horizon Interactive was not known much at the time. Finally, in August 2007, when Disney bought the game, advertising soared. Coins for Change helped Club Penguin connect with real world charities and make a difference. It appeared on Disney’s website and even on Disney Channel. October 2008 was the month where Club Penguin might have scored the most players ever. They invited everybody to help them takeover Times Square in New York City to celebrate the game’s third birthday. There was trivia, speeches, music, a giant cake, and more. Toys arrived, expanding Club Penguin’s small selection of puffle plushes to penguin plushes, books, playsets and mix-and-match figures. Basically, if you had never heard of Club Penguin by then, you would had been living under a rock. Club Penguin continued to do well in all areas. In November 2008, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force came to the Nintendo DS, and allowed mobile console gamers to live the Club Penguin experience. And finally, Game Day for Nintendo Wii released and became a hit. Rockhopper and Bambadee also appeared at Walt Disney World in 2009.

Now, flash forward four years later, in 2012. The game continues to do well with getting new players, but something was missing. Disney’s changes were starting to kick in, and many penguins revolted and some even quit. Some parties that were long time favorites, such as Earth Day and April Fools, were some of the slowest traffic parties. There had to be a change. In June 2012, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover hit the island. It clearly was a hit, to tie into the box office smash The Avengers. Many new players who were Marvel fans joined, and it was all over the news on the internet. A bit later in the year, the Twitter Club Penguin community grew, and many moderators got their own accounts to communicate with fans and the media itself. In February 2013, Spike Hike took over as manager, and that was when things really began to change. Although Club Penguin was not as big as it was five years earlier, it still had one thing there: community. Merchandise began to disappear, however more options became available in November through an online store where you could create custom apparel. The Club Penguin Summit in April, an event where popular adult bloggers got the chance to visit the headquarters in Kelowna, spread like wildfire through social media and blogging. Club Penguin had its work cut out for them.

My Opinion

In my opinion, I think even though Club Penguin is not as big as when I first joined, and nobody in my grade plays anymore, there is still hope somewhere. Disney is doing a great job promoting the game with its resources, and the takeovers are a great way for new players who enjoy other franchises to join. What I think Club Penguin really needs is a convention, for all fans and the media to gather and share their love for the game. If Minecraft and Mojang can do it, why not Club Penguin and Disney? A second summit sometime this year would also help.

Your Opinion

What do you think? Does Club Penguin have a great presence in the world today? What can they do to keep others playing the game, and to attract more people? Do you agree with my opinion, and if you don’t, what could you argue?. This is a debate, so feel free to put any of your opinions in the comments below, and reply to others! As always, I love to hear what you penguins think.

Ninja on!

PS. For those waiting for the review of The LEGO Movie set MetalBeard’s Duel and others, check back Monday!


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