Holiday Party 2013 Cheats

Attention grasshoppers! The Holiday Party 2013 has begun, and so has merry mischief, a train takeover, and Coins for Change craziness!


Check out the map for the event!


To start off, when you log in Rockhopper will talk to you and send you to the CFC Train Station.



You can click on the icon in the corner of the screen to donate and help unlock different projects to help the planet AND new items! Donating once will get you the CFC 2013 Pin.


When you arrive at the Train Station, you can choose from four different types of trains… members only! Everyone can hook up to a train that they spot around the island by clicking the train icon above the penguin leading it. Head into the track area to throw snowballs at different objects to get coins to donate!


There is a catalog. Check out all of the items!




Rockhopper is visiting for the party, and I have posted meetup times, which you can find in a recent post of mine. His ship is docked at the Beach, where you will find Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog for even more holiday treats!


Finally, there are three special emoticons at the party that you can use: a train whistle, a present, and a Coins for Change logo!


That’s pretty much it! Please comment with any questions you may have, and tell me how much you have donated! I love to help all of my penguin friends. Personally, I think this party is great. The trains are a great feature and I hope Club Penguin does this type of thing more often. However, I would have liked to see the transformations from last year and Santa’s sleigh back.

Happy Holidays, and ninja on!


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