Club Penguin Dojo Holiday Mania 2013

The holidays and Christmas are a time of giving, so what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway? To celebrate this merry time of year and the opening of Club Penguin Dojo, I have decided to host the first annual Holiday Mania!

The site will be given a holly jolly theme, and there will be two giveaways, plus a party! I will be giving away two seven day memberships! The first giveaway will run from today, Sunday, December 15, 2013, to Sunday, December 22. How do you enter, you ask? Just comment on this blog post with one thing you would like to see on Club Penguin in 2014. Keep it original and plausible, please! Also include your Twitter @ or email address in your comment so I can notify you if you’ve won. I will accept all entries until the day of the second giveaway (December 22). I will pick out of a hat of all the entries to determine the winner. Please DO NOT CHEAT, or you will be disqualified.

The Club Penguin Dojo Holiday Mania party will take place Saturday, December 21, 2013, at 12:00 PM PST/3:00 PM EST on server Sleet at the Dojo Courtyard. Don’t miss it!

Good luck, and have fun, grasshoppers!

UPDATE: The two winners have been decided! They are Lost Dragon and Brookelas. While the plan was originally to have two giveways, there was a misunderstanding, so I have decided to hand the codes out at the same time! Hope they enjoy them. Don’t feel discouraged if you lost! This blog is still new, so I will be having plenty more giveaways for you guys to enter in the future!

UPDATE 2: The party is now over, thank you all for coming! Check my Twitter for some screenshots from the event. We made a mega train and played Card-Jitsu Fire!


21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Dojo Holiday Mania 2013

  1. mbari x

    the only thing i want to see in 2014 is that club penguin make a mayor for club penguin and make him mascots with a stamp and the mayor change by 2 months or something the stamp said be in the same room as the mayor it will be cool

  2. Phineas350

    One thing I REALLY want to see in CP is igloos with rooms! They could have like two or three rooms! I think it’ll be awesome! 😀
    Twitter: @TheJosephGamboa

  3. Brookelas

    I would like another new puffle, new flooring for igloos, the return of some older parties and another new mascot. Also #NoTakeovers

  4. Dupple

    I would love to see us explore more of the island – what is that lake in the forest near the Town? What is up in the mountains near the Dojo? Is there anything beyond the Mountains? I think that would be cool 🙂
    Check me out on Twitter – @MrDupple

  5. pman 2643

    I am @pman2643 and I would like to see more kinds of puffles and more games for puffles who don’t have their own , like ice skating for the white puffle.

  6. ashbee1324

    In 2014 I would really really really like to have the movie frozen party. I think it would be really fun and I would like to have Olaf has a plushy so I could carry him around all the time and I would never change that item. I just really love frozen. 🙂

  7. Lenny Thai

    I would like to see night in Club Penguin according to the time of where you live is when night comes or day, and possibly a night and day option for igloos? That’s what I want to see in 2014. My twitter name is @Lenny_Thai


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