December 2013 Igloo Cheats

Club Penguin has updated its igloo catalogs and music with brand new items for the month of December 2013. This includes holiday-themed, mostly train related items. Check it out!

First up, the igloo music. There are seven new tracks: Holiday Lights, All Aboard for the Holidays!, Cool In The Cold, The Palace of Ice Crystals, Holiday Medley, Santa’s Sleigh, and A Little Holiday Magic.


This is the Furniture Catalog.


There are no new hidden items here. This is the Igloo Catalog.


There is a new igloo called the Train Station Igloo. Click the rock to the right center of the Beach Igloo Background page for the Secret Stone Igloo, which costs 2,000 coins. Click the left window on the Medieval Manor for the Estate Igloo. This igloo is 2,500 coins. Finally, click the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo, which costs 5,000 coins.

How do you like the music and the two new catalogs?

Ninja on!


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